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The Mattress Guide

Tips for Choosing Mattresses That are Natural and Eco-Friendly


Organic and natural mattresses are different from the usual types of mattresses in the market. You should therefore buy the type that fits you and your lifestyle. Finding a bed that is eco-friendly is a daunting process but the process has become a little easier because there are many different types to choose from at the moment. If you are unsure about where to start, there are tips that you could use to make sure that you buy an all-natural and non-toxic mattress. First, you should use your nose while selecting. The key to your health is in choosing an organic bed that does not have any volatile compounds. If you are not in a position to easily tell or you are unsure about the details of the mattress, you can go online and do some research.


The next thing to do is checking the materials of the mattress. You should only go for materials that are unbleached or do not contain dyes and that have not gone through any chemical treatments. This is what should make the mattress both on the inside and the outside and you should not accept anything lesser than that for an organic mattress.


There should be a third-party certification label on the mattress and it should be trustworthy. This is supposed to prove that the product is 100% organic and natural and that it has been sourced organically and from resources that are sustainable. Natural latex is one of the materials used and you should not be turned off because it is natural. This material tends to be more durable and longer lasting than the traditional rubber material. You should examine the fill or batting. You should always keep in mind that all organic mattresses use bedding fibers that are natural for their padding. You should find natural cotton and wool padding on the top of the mattress and not any other ingredients. Are the features of this Zinus mattress truly innovative or just new age marketing hype? Click here to find out.


Some of the natural mattresses do not have springs or coils. Most of the time, you will find that they use the natural foam for back support and this eliminates any space that will make dust mites thrive. The foam used to make natural organic foam is made from plants and not petroleum products like traditional mattresses. A natural and organic mattress is good for your body and health and you will get a better night's sleep.  Do not hesitate to call the manufacturer for more details. Is a bamboo mattress for you? Click here to find out.